Energy Gel

For Use Before and During Excercise
- Enhance Endurance
- Natural
- Tastes Like Honey
- Multiple Transportable Carbohydrates

- No Side Effects
- Free from Artificial Ingredients

Naturally Contains: 
Amino Acids, B Vitamins, 
Zinc, Selenium, Iron, 
Prebiotics, Enzymes,
Antioxidants, Anti-
microbial Elements

Nutritional Info Per 32g Serving

Energy                    450 kJ
Protein                      0.1 g
Carbohydrate          27 g
Of which sugars       27 g
Fat                               0 g
Dietary Fibre               0 g
Total Sodium       195 mg  
Magnesium           10 mg
Potassium            100 mg
Calcium                 32 mg

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