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zero sports


- All Natural
- Zero Calories, Zero Sugar
- Hydrate 
- Balance Electrolytes
- Prevent Dehydration
- No Side Effects
- Subtle Naartjie Flavour
- Inhibit Cramps

By using dried naartjie to flavour and stevia leaves to sweeten, Enduren have developed their first all-natural, zero sugar, zero calorie sports drink. The refreshing flavour combined with Enduren's proven sport salts combination is a tasty way to hydrate, balance electrolytes, alleviate fatigue, and inhibit cramps. Can be used before, during and after activity to hydrate or as a guilt free everyday drink.


Unscrew cap and add half a cap (0.9g) powder to 750ml water. One vial makes 21 Bottles.Note: For high intensity events over an hour or if you need to replace calories, use our Endurance Energy Drink.Ingredients:Salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and iron phosphate,  dried naartjie and stevia. 145mg of each salt per 0.9g serving.