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Enduren founder Barry Pauw at the 2005 Cape Epic with teammate Conrad Stoltz

As athletes born into an industry ruled by artificial ingredients, a wide variety of sweetners, flavourants, colourants and preservatives, we saw a need to establish Enduren in 1999 to research and develop what we saw as an unavailable necessity - natural sports nutrition. Natural sports nutrition that provides the athletic body with the essential nutrients to function optimally, in an easily digestible and naturally flavoursome package. We developed our products using only the finest sourced ingredients that are farmed and produced in a natural, ethical and sustainable manner. As a grassroots company, we have been able to harness our foundational values without interference from big corporate capital and their deceitful advertising, and we’ll be keeping it that way! 

For a more in-depth background, some interesting insights into the brand and a few bonus nutritional tips, give this podcast a listen!

Product Safety
Every ingredient is screened to ensure it is: free from harmful chemicals, safe for competition use, and complies to WADA regulations. Enduren utilizes natural, and where available, organic raw products. Enduren has never failed a test since inception in 1999. Enduren focuses on macro nutrients proven to improve performance without harm. Production methods are clean, safe, ethical and conform to good manufacturing practices. Our athletes are health conscious and do in depth research about their diets and nutrition products.

Why a Natural Endurance Energy Drink?
Most sports / energy / endurance / race drinks are actually aimed at the mass market, which is more concerned with visual appeal and overwhelming flavours  than with the performance of the product. These products are mass produced with added chemical colourants and flavourings to increase the visual appeal and flavour, as well as preservatives to increase the shelf life of the product. They are often sweetened with artificial sweeteners or contain cane sugar (sucrose) to give that sugar lift but have the downside of a spike in energy and a major drop in energy thereafter. These products are usually too sweet to consume continuously during exercise and the additives negatively impacts on performance through various side effects. Most people who exercise or take part in sports do so because it is good for their health. If you are one of these people, Enduren is the endurance energy drink for you – just natural endurance.

Where can I find Enduren products?
If you cannot find Enduren products at your local sport or health shop, visit the contact us page and scroll through the list of retailers to determine the closest retail outlet to you. You can also purchase Enduren online.

What does Endurance Energy Drink Mix taste like?
Enduren Endurance Energy Drink Mix (unflavoured) has a slight sweet taste to it. During prolonged intense physical exercise, it is as if the sweetness decreases and it almost tastes like water. This is a major advantage in endurance events as it makes it very easy to consume the required amounts of Endurance throughout the race, unlike most other sports / endurance / energy drinks that become too sweet, or of which the flavour becomes too overwhelming to consume in the later stages of an event.

Endurance (unflavoured) is not flavoured and will thus not mask water with a distinct taste (like water with high chlorine content, borehole water or hard water). If you are sensitive to the taste of your drink it is important to ensure that the water you mix with Endurance tastes good, be it from a tap in your home, purified or bottled. 


In 2023 we also introduced a subtle Natural Naartjie flavour option.

Flavouring the Endurance Energy Drink.
Although we find that 99% of people really like the subtle unflavoured taste of the Endurance Drink, some prefer a flavour and thus choose our new subtle Natural Naartjie flavour. Some flavour the original unflavoured version with drops of lemon concentrate, lemon slices, their favourite fruit juice, cinnamon, herbal teas etc. Adding half a cap of Enduren Zero Drink Mix is also an option.  Test adding fruit juice in training as the fructose could upset your stomach in an endurance event.

Why does Endurance Energy Drink Mix have no additives?
Enduren Endurance Energy Drink Mix is a high performance, completely natural carbohydrate supplement. Additives has been excluded as these are often the cause of allergic reactions like gastro intestinal upset (diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramps), mucus / phlegm build-up in the mouth and throat or a tight chest/asthma, during exercise. Endurance Mix contains Sodium Citrate to assist in hydration and to lower the risk of Hyponatremia and cramping. Sodium citrate is the preferred sodium source because an overload of chloride from sodium chloride (table / sea salt) could lead to stomach problems.
Additional electrolyte supplementation (over and above sodium) during exercise are controversial, but the majority of studies indicate that additional electrolytes added to sports / endurance / energy drinks can lead to side effects (mostly gastro intestinal) and it is therefore recommended to supplement these before and/or after exercise. 
Studies recommend additional electrolyte supplementation for general athletes during intense physical events, only in events lasting longer than 4 to 5 hours and then from a quality natural supplement. However there are exceptions and some athletes do require additional electrolyte supplementation even in shorter events especially in hot weather. Enduren Cramp & Fatigue Buster is typically used by athletes who require additional mineral (electrolyte) supplementation and can be dissolved in the mouth or in your Endurance Energy Drink or water for a zero carb, zero calorie hydration drink.

Also keep in mind that in longer events you will be using Enduren Energy Gels and Energy bars that naturally contain high levels of electrolytes.

Why does Enduren products sometimes solidify?
Enduren products does not contain any anti-caking agent and therefore sometimes tend to solidify, it is however easy to loosen it up again with a knife or a spoon and even in solid form its water solubility is very good. Anti-caking agent is a chemical additive added to powdered products to ensure that it does not solidify. As with other additives it can cause side effects in some people and are therefore not used in Enduren products.

Why is Enduren Cramp & Fatigue Buster a separate product?
Cramp & Fatigue Buster in a tablet form ensures faster and more effective absorption of mineral salts (electrolytes) when dissolved under the tongue than traditional solutions that are swallowed. It places less strain on the digestive tract, kidneys and liver preventing intestinal and stomach issues often found with traditional sports / energy / electrolyte drinks. It allows you to take the mineral salts daily if you have problems w
ith cramping and fatigue, regardless of whether you drink the Endurance drink. Should you opt to mix it with Enduren Endurance Energy Drink it allows you to take the amount of tablets that is effective for your body and the weather conditions (in hot conditions you will take more tablets). Lastly it allows you to take the tablets if cramping occurs to stop the cramps - once again taking it under the tongue provides faster absorption and therefore faster relief than with solutions that are swallowed.

How to dispense Cramp & Fatigue Buster while riding?
The easiest way is to get an empty plastic container with a flip top, that your local pharmacy use to dispense generic medicine. The generic 30 tablet container works well.


Frequently Asked Questions

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