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JUst Natural

Most commercial sports drinks are mass produced with added chemical colourants and flavourings to increase the visual appeal and flavour, as well as preservatives to increase the shelf life of the product.


They are often sweetened with artificial sweeteners or contain cane sugar (sucrose) to give that sugar lift but have the downside of a spike in energy and a major drop in energy thereafter. These products are usually too sweet to consume continuously during exercise and the additives often negatively impacts performance.


Ever heard of an energy gel that is stomach friendly?

Making a liquid energy gel without preservatives and other artificial ingredients (which can cause stomach issues) has always been a challenge. A challenge that lead to the development of the Enduren Endurance Energy Gel. 

By using a mix of Raw Honey, Light Molasses and Sodium, the Endurance Energy Gel is natural, preservative free, and contains multiple transportable carbohydrates that provides sustained energy.



Energy and protein bars made from natural real food ingredients

Great tasting artisan made bars which provides sustained energy. As with all of Enduren's products these bars are free from artificial ingredients making them easy to digest even during high intensity endurance exercise.

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