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Most commercial sports drinks are mass produced with added chemical colourants and flavourings to increase the visual appeal and flavour, as well as preservatives to increase the shelf life of the product. They are often sweetened with artificial sweeteners or contain cane sugar (sucrose) to give that sugar lift but have the downside of a spike in energy and a major drop in energy thereafter. These products are usually too sweet to consume continuously during exercise and the additives often negatively impacts  performance.

Inside Enduren


Pea protein based recovery drink specifically aimed at after excercise recovery.

Provides you with 100% pure protein from a natural source, that uses environment friendly growing, harvesting and production processes allowing use in organic foods.  A mild, proprietary mechanical process with water delivers the raw pea protein with high nutritional value and undamaged enzymes to aid digestion and absorption.


Looking for subtlety?  

Have a look at our range of natural toned socks.

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"Enduren Energy bars taste amazing and are easy to eat, even in super high temperatures of the Dakar. The bars combined with the Endurance drink sustained me for 14 racing days on the Dakar and the amazing thing is that both are still very palatable – it’s the first bar that I have used that I could eat every day "- Giniel de Villiers (Dakar winner)


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